14 Statement Jackets for the Season.

Finally Fall is here! Cole and I were browsing instagram the other day and a girl posted the most beautiful picture of central park with golden yellow leaves arched as far as the eye could see. We decided the next morning we we would wake up and get our buts up town to see the madness. We arrive and first thing that comes out of my mouth is " where are all the leaves?" Obviously there are a million leaves in central park but they have yet to change! Turns out the picture was from last year. Cole and I felt so dumb because we obviously could have just looked around and realized none of the leaves in our neighborhood had changed yet. Anyway, we still had a beautiful walk through the park as the sun came up. 
I always have to pick one jacket for the year that is a statement, something that 'yeah' I probably won't wear every day, but it stands out and makes me feel confident. Sometimes in the winter I get lazy and don't want to come up with an outfit! The easy go-to black pants, black jeans, boots and a jacket that does the talking. I put together a little look book of some of my favorites for this year. Hope you like looking through it. Also, Side pony and fishnets, I guess I am feeling the 90's.


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