3 Tips to turning your dreams into your career

So the number one question I seem to be getting lately is how to start a blog, how to make a career out of doing photography, art, fashion all that good stuff. So I figured rather than writing every email back, (tho don't get me wrong I still will do that hehe) I might just have a little blurb here that can give you some advice. 
This is something I feel somewhat silly writing about as I still am trying to figure it all out and understand it. But hopefully I can give you my two cents and explain some mistakes I have made to help you get started.
First and foremost figure out what you are good at, and what you love. It's really hard to start a career on something you don't know much about. But don't be intimidated by this, you don't have to think too large, in fact think small. The more niche you can be with this concept the better off you will be. If it's a blog you want to start think about what your friends are always asking your advice on, what is a topic you could go on and on about from how to find pants for really long legs, how to thrift, curling your hair, eating healthy in a big city... Anything! 
Once you have nailed this down everything else is easier because you have created the foundation of your blog, your brand. You can of course still talk about things that surround you topic but this will make it much easier to gain readers and followers because you are giving them something to come back to, something they can believe in.  
Second is your content. I think this is the most important part but again don't be intimidated by this. Just because everyone has the next Canon camera with the biggest baddest lens doesn't mean that your iPhone isn't just as good. With editing apps like Vsco and Snapped you don't need a computer to make your photos look legit! Something that will gain you automatic attention is if you create a flow and color scheme to your feed, weather you love really clean white, colder tones, warm tones, whatever it is. Pick your favorite instagram feed, figure out why you love it and try and bring that into your work. The best way to learn is to try! 
Third I would say get going, stop overthinking and get started. The hardest thing is to begin but once you do the rest will follow. There are so many articles, videos, online tools that will help you and teach you almost everything you need to know. Again there is no exact guide because every single person has done it differently but if you want to learn how to edit photos, make money with a blog, any of that you have everything you could need right in the palm of your hand. 
My biggest tip of all would be not to listen to anyone who doesn't support you. This is probably the hardest thing to do as you will have friends who do not get it or people who will tell you it's too hard and you need to get a "real job"! Get that out of your head right away, believe in yourself and work hard and I promise you good things will follow. 
Hope this is helpful. 

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