Be Contagious

Todays' post is about confidence, or lack there of. I have been thinking a lot about this lately for many reasons and one being the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Starting with that show if you haven't watched it yet it's about a young girl in high school who due to many horrible circumstances takes her own life. I really actually hated the show. I don't think it did what they set out to do, if anything it glorified and simplified the idea of suicide.  If it did one thing right it displayed how bullying in even just the smallest forms can turn into a series of events that can change someone's life forever. I wouldn't recommend the show to anyone to be honest. There is however something about it that keeps you going from one episode to the next but it's not something that will make your today better than yesterday. 

If it did anything for me it got me thinking a lot about self worth, confidence, and what I am doing in my own life to let people know how amazing I think they are. 

If you are a girl I know you have found yourself looking at another girl thinking why or how is she so perfect. It's odd isn't it that we compare ourselves so much. I am far too negative and hard on myself and I know it's exhausting when other people around me have to hear it. It's a bad habit that is doing no good. Of course you don't need to be so confident that you're walking around and strutting your stuff and letting everyone know you love yourself, but the same goes for not letting everyone know you dislike yourself. That's only making matters worse and of course if you really do and those feelings are true then you should seek help and try and gain new perspective. But why do we waste so much time doing this. It is in fact selfish and giving yourself way too much credit for something that really does't matter. There has to be more to life than constantly worrying about that. 

If there is one thing that matters and that can make a difference it's being a contagious person who is real, who is happy and who shares that with everyone and passes it on. I know those kind of people and I love being around them, I am grateful for them.