BROWS'in Around

My new favorite accessory for 2015

Here I used Bling Brow by Benefit - I think this will end up being my most used and favorite look, a great way to add a little sparkle to dress up an every day look. 

For the Blue Bang look, I used a combination of things to get my black hair to be fully covered in blue, a combination of a color stick by Sephora mixed with a few different eye shadows to add a matte look.  

And a tip for all... when trying to shape your own brows, stick with their natural shape. Most everyone has the correct shape for their face, I keep mine thick and clean them up every few weeks. I have switched from waxing to threading for many reasons... one less wrinkles, two it's so precise and causes less irritation on your skin. 

Hope you feel crazy enough to try some of these out. If you have questions let me know happy to answer.