Cheese Board On Me - Square Cash Card By Tezza

Alright real talk, recently just received my very own laser-etched Cash Card via the Cash App. I am sure you are sitting over there saying “ok, and?” But . . did you know it’s beautiful and black and has my own personal signature engraved on the front (which isn’t cute because I have the worst handwriting so don’t look too close) but it is cool!  

Last month I got it in the mail for the first time and have been using it ever since. It’s so convenient when I have friends and clients paying me through my Square Cash app and I don’t have to worry about the hassle of transferring it to my other bank account or waiting a few days for it to process. 

My husband and I work together and so we have a tradition to hit up a new Italian restaurant in the city once a week and try their meat and cheese boards while discussing new plans for the week. We have been doing it since before we were married, so it’s a fun tradition. Always a good excuse to take out the sleek card, spoil my man, and write off a business expense. 

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