Crepes in Paris

As if Airbnb wasn't cool enough already, they actually out did themselves. I recently was in Paris for Fashion week with my friend Tyson and we decided to give the Airbnb Experiences a try! I had no idea how cool it was actually going to be. First off they have so many options to choose from . . . taking a ride around Paris in a vintage Mercedes to Cooking Crepes from a master chef in her very own Paris flat, which was exactly what we did.
We showed up to meet the sweetest lady who brought us up to her flat. It was what you always dreamed Paris would be like! She taught us the proper way to cook in the kitchen, flip the crepe in the pan, spread all the French toppings, along side some piping hot tea. 

It was an experience that you always wish you could get when you travel, puts you into the world of a local, I will definitely do it again. I have been looking at experiences in NY and it's so fun to see other ideas of things to do than the norm. 

check it out here


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