Dear Denim, I Love You.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know my obsession for denim is never ending. It's the number  one item in my closet that really stands the test of time and I always find myself wanting more of it. Of course, denim has it's trends, from high waisted to cropped to flared to patched... we have seen it all. But it always comes back around, and when you find the right pair it feels like falling in love. 
5 reasons I love denim:
1. It goes with pretty much everything.
 A dress with a denim jacket, a fancy blouse with vintage denim jeans, a denim romper with a sun hat, you name it denim is your best friend. 

2. It's season-less.
From your favorite jeans that look good with a sweater in the Fall, to a slinky tank top in the spring, denim seems to always be a go to. I love layering it up in the winter and even making an old pair of jeans into shorts for the summer. 

3. It stands the test of time.
I still have my favorite pair of jean shorts I bought in 2010, yes you heard me correct, 8 years ago. In fact you could probably scroll through my blog and see me wearing them over and over again. Denim never really goes out of style and it's always worth the investment. If it fits right you will never stop wearing it. 

4. It's iconic. 
I think we can all recall old images of Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields in nothing but a T and denim, and let's be honest, it's still the hottest look on the block. But I think my all time favorite denim look is Justin and Britney showing up on the red carpet denim clad head-to-toe. . . STILL ICONIC. 

5. Everyone looks good in it.
Lucky us, people have mastered all types of denim from stretch to stiff from flair to skinny we can all find a pair that makes us feel 100! There is something all-American about denim that just feels right, and anytime I see someone rocking it, I wish I was doing the same. 

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