Family Beach Trip to Laguna Beach CA

Laguna Beach California has been my family vacation for as long as I can remember. Back when I was a baby my family lucked into a small beach cottage (AKA a shack) right on the beach of Crystal Cove. We use to pack everybody in this little thing and spend our mornings finding beach glass and watching dolphins swim by. I remember the shower being outside, more like a hose and never really getting the sand out from in-between your toes. Some of my favorite memories. The government came in and took back all the land when I was about 14 and wanted to rebuild the place and create a spot for people to come rent the beach cottages for vacation. You can imagine how much of a bummer this was! We still go back every year, as our little shack sits behind a chain link fence untouched and caving in. It's heartbreaking that they have yet to even touch it for over ten years. Crystal Cove has now become a tourist spot with a fun restaurant and lots of families coming to enjoy it's charm.

It's crazy getting older the harder it is to get the family all together for trips. I have a little brother still in high school another one in college and one working in San Fransisco,  then Cole and I are in NY, so the fact that we can ever align schedules is a miracle. Somehow my parents always find a way to make it happen. I am the only married one which also means the only girl, so you can imagine how much I get picked on by the brothers haha, they have too much fun doing it. I feel so lucky to be so close with my family and fortunate to get to go on trips and see such beautiful places in the world.  We did a lot of hanging on the beach, spike ball, smash ball, frisbee, swimming in the ocean, ate a lot of fish tacos and went boating with some dolphins. All in all it was the perfect vacation and much needed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
Now back to work :)

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