Fight Club

Seriously guys . . . could I own more things with stars? This week has been nuts, everyone is running around NYC planning for fashion week and I am kinda like ugh... what does that even mean. Believe it or not, when it comes to putting together outfits, I do it best under pressure and with a million things in front of me. Most my best outfits are by mistake . . . should I be admitting this? . . . I know I know, I am supposed to be some fashionista fashion blogger, and don't get me wrong if I was asked to style someone else I think I could do it in heart beat, but when it comes to myself, my mood is EVERYTHING. My husband always calls me out because I always say, while looking in the mirror, "hmmm, what do you think, it's almost so ugly that it's cool right?" He usually just laughs and says, You're nuts!
And why yes I am, I am nuts, and crazy, and really a disaster at most things. 

Things you don't know about me. 

I fall down, yes on to the ground, at least once a day. 
I have a bad habit of never putting anything where it's supposed to go but I can always find it. 
I am the most unorganized person on planet earth. 
I like being unorganized. 
I really love doing things last minute, I am no good at plans. 
Most days I feel like a 5 year old in a woman's body and I am just wondering how I got here. 
I walk around singing pretty much 24/7 without realizing it. I KNOW this is really annoying. 
I love being married pretty much more than anything else, ever. ( cause my husband rocks!)
I am 5' 12", yes you read that right, 6 ft. tall! Can you believe it? Me neither, expect I have been that tall since I was in 8th grade and people always walk up to me telling me I am a GIANT and I'm like... NO WAAAAY I HAVE NEVER NOTICED! (eye roll)

Anyway those are what some would call my negative qualities but I look at them as positives. 
I am just plain ol' me, and I am so comfortable with that. 

Fashion week is kind of madness in NY, it's amazing, so much energy, so many cool people roaming the streets! While some people are over it and feel that it has just become too insane I find it beautiful. It's like attending a giant art show. Going to the shows is one of the most fun parts for me. It's unlike anything else. A designer works months and months to put together a collection, find the correct models, create a set, a visual that lasts no longer that a few minutes. It all happens so fast sometimes I am like... ugh can we get a rewind and a repeat? 

Hopefully I will be able to get a lot of behind the scenes and all that fun stuff this year to show you guys. Thank goooooodness for insta stories am I right? I love insta story, it's so easy to use and just real time and I love getting to know people better through it on that gram life. 

star girl out. 



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