For Those Who Dream of Stranger Worlds

If you can't tell I am currently having a love affair with the color Red. I remember growing up when people would ask my favorite color and I would say (along with the rest of the world) Green or Blue.  Which don't get me wrong, I still die for those colors.  If anything I have noticed I just crush on every color! I am like a walking rainbow, the more color the better! When I first started photography I remember thinking this was an issue. Everyone seemed to going for the more muted and/or extremely warm neutral photos. I couldn't help but wanting to see every color come to life.

I am back to the fishnet trend, which I am sure with how trends go, these are already on their way out. But man oh man have I never felt more like a 90's chick than today with this sky high pony and fishnet stockings. I remember back in the day wearing fishnets seemed scandalous. Like it meant you were walking on the wild side. So maybe there is a little bit of that going on here. A little bit of nostalgic edge making me feel like my mother might not approve and so I am going to do it anyway. 

I really do think that fishnets have taken a turn though. They seem to be worn now as more of a sweet side note to an outfit. Not in this outfit here, but I am loving them under ripped jeans or with sneakers and a mini skirt. 

This post is really special to me because as I created it I kept thinking about the world around me and that I am just this little spec in an enormous atmosphere and what is beyond me, what is above me, what is around me that I am unaware of. I think it's good to always push your mind to places you don't want to go. To imagine the impossible; to imagine the unimagined. 

I think everyone is so much stranger and unusual than we even imagine. The same way they say that everyone sees color differently, I think everyone dreams differently and sees their reality differently as well. I think we don't give people enough credit in this life for make believe. For coming up with ideas that are their own, there is so much power in that. I am always surprised at how easily connived society is. Put your mind to anything and you can do it. 

I feel like I am always on some rant talking about my dreams and motivations, and really they are just me talking to myself. I sometimes I need expert advice haha just kidding. But blogging really helps me understand myself; to put my thoughts down in front of me to see who I am, who I have become and in the future how I have grown. 

I highly recommend writing down thoughts daily, it is so valuable and educational. 

May you dream of stranger worlds. 

Peace and Blessings. 


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