It's finally the weekend, why are we always saying this like it's almost Christmas? Something about the word just gives me instant relief as tho my weekends are this open free time to do whatever I want. This is far from the case in fact I think it's my busiest time of the entire week. But something still feels so good. 

Every weekend in NY is full of trying to fit in seeing as many friends as possible, catching up on emails in the back of cabs on the way to brunch,  shooting, videos, hitting meetings, and staying up all night roaming the streets of the city. I have always loved brunch, people who don't like brunch are people I do not understand haha. One, is there any better food than breakfast food, two it's at the best time of day to eat a big meal three, Nyc has every type of food you could ever imagine, four pancakes, five do you need another reason? 

I am considering putting together a post of my favorites spots to Brunch in the city, so stay tuned for that! What are your favorite things to do on the weekend!? I want to know! 

Happy Friday,