Friendsgiving NYC

Hang the lights, bake the pie, pour a glass and lets get this party started! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am so excited. I of course got the celebrating started a little early with my annual Friendsgiving. We were lucky to have Cole's little brother and his friends in town so we could invite them over for some epic cheese and cherry pie. If there is one thing Cole and I are good at it is putting together a bomb meat and cheese board. I think since the day we started dating that is the one thing we would always get at every restaurant, so we have tried it all haha! In our little apartment we have become master puzzle players at rearranging and pretty much giving the space a new set up every month. Call us crazy I know but it is so much fun. 

Being that I am about to start decorating for Christmas I decided to get some of our lights up! I got pretty much all of these lights from Urban Outfitters which, by the way, their selection is massive. We used 3M hooks on our ceiling to strand them around each other because if you weren't aware 3M hooks will save your life! You can take them down in 2 seconds and it causes zero damage. The amount of art walls and hat walls we have created using these is endless and also if you mess up... NO BIG DEAL! hahah Anyway pardon my 3M hook rant, I am just a really big fan. 

I really just want to do a little Thanksgiving plug in here and say how grateful I am that I get to do what I love and that I get to have my little space here on the internet to share little blips of my life. Sounds silly I am sure but I love seeing your comments and getting to meet so many people from all over the world. Anyway life is beautiful and I am thankful for all the good that is in it!
Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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