Get Lit, Decorate for the Holidays, and Get Gift Inspired.

Deck the halls, it's finally time and if you haven't decorated for the holidays yet, it's not too late! I highly recommend jumping on it because there is nothing more fun than coming home and feeling in the mood to celebrate 24/7. This year I went for the glitter glam crazy madness.  Urban Outfitters seemed to have a fancy dessert themed ornament collection and so ever since I have decorated all I can think about is sweets haha. I think our entire apartment is strung in lights at this point. From stars, to fireflies, bulbs to disco balls this place is LIT!

I am starting to panic a little bit when I think about all the gifts I need to get. I swear the older you get the harder it seems to be to get things people actually want. I try to focus on things that will last or give experiences rather than "things" that will be on a shelf for the next year then thrown away. I don't think my parents read my blog ha so if they do, TA DA mom and dad here is your gift, but I came up with the idea of giving my parents a stay-cation in my home town. I think there is nothing more fun than staying in the place you have lived your entire life but relaxing and feeling like you are on a vacation!

Another gift I have been loving over the years is giving my significant other, or best friend a stocking! It's always fun to buy tons of knick knacks, treats little pieces of jewelry, nail polish, grooming materials and watch them open it. I high recommend gift shopping Urban Outfittesr online or in store. They have millions of crazy things that you would never find anywhere else! Not to mention they have been killing it on the beauty supply game, even for men. Last year I gave my husband a ton of beard grooming oil and wax,  he is now absolutely obsessed.

This next tip is a gift tip that I am brining to you from my personal experience of receiving it. My best friend last year gave me a subscription to this awesome thing called The Good Thing. 
Every month we would receive a 12" vynl and 12oz bag of coffee. It was honesty the most fun gift because it lasted all year long!

The number one question I get asked on Instagram is about the things in my apartment. So I did try to link as many things as I could below. If you have any questions or can't find something just let me know and I can tell you where I found it.

Happy Holidays my loves!

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