Got a SPRING in my step

It is currently 60 degrees outside, the birds are chirping and I am craving an ice-cream cone about every other second. New York couldn't be more on point and I basically never want to leave. Spring is hands down is my favorite season. Enough of this crap about Fall being the best. You have this big lead up to the worst season of all, winter. The Spring you get to skip about, see everything turn green again and then before you know it, it's pool time and popsicles, you know what I'm saying? 

I decided to put together some looks for you guys featuring a few of my favorite pieces for Spring. To make it easy, a one stop shop, everything I am featuring is from Urban Outfitters. They always have some of my favorite "go to's" when I am just looking for that casual, every day, on the go type of look. From Ruffles to eyelet shirts I can never seem to steer clear of that classic all american blue jeans white shirt look. I don't know what has gotten into me this year I have been rooting hard for blue denim. I love all the mix cuts, dark with light denim, frayed edges, vintage trims my collection is getting extremely out of hand .... can't get enough! I will tag a few of my favorite denims below but if you are on a search like me, be sure to check out Urban's collections because It think they have a wide range of really affordable looks right now! 

Of course you will be seeing same as last season the basket bag trend everywhere as well. I have seen these bags for outrageous amounts of money, so let me give you a tip, etsy! I found this one for under $20 dollars. 

Hope everyone is finding Spring in their town, if not, come to NY and hang out with me! 


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