In Honor of Thanksgiving - The Turkey Jar -

This post is something I recently shared with Urban Outfitters for their annual post on giving but it is something that means so much to me I wanted to share it here with all of you. 

Ever since I can remember my family has carried out the tradition of the “Turkey Jar”. It started out pretty small, a jar that would sit next to the stove that we all agreed to drop in our pocket change at the end of each day as we walked in the door. As you can imagine from a family of 7 people this can add up. Over the years the jar has gotten even bigger as everyone has decided to put in a little more and spread a little more love. On the week of Thanksgiving we head down to the local grocery store and dump all the change in the machine as we all take guesses of what the total might be. Whoever is closest, which somehow is always my mother, gets bragging rights till next year. After we exchange the coins for cash we fill up a shopping cart with as many turkeys as we can fit and afford with what we saved for that year, my dad usually pitches in a little last minute extra. Picture a large cart full to the brim of usually over 20 turkeys! We then all pile in the car load up the Turkey’s and head down to the food bank to share Thanksgiving with other families that need some good old fashion Thanksgiving grubbing’.
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