Island Flavor with Arnhem

Arnhem clothing & Santorini go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly. 
Their long dresses were easy flowing in the Santorini sea breeze.
They were the perfect eye-catcher for a night out in the gorgeous Oia, then could be worn the next day on the beach as a casual summer shirt over my swimmie. 

And ahhh speaking of the swimmies! 
Could their floral patterns be a more perfect fit for the candy land colors of the island?
From the lush floral bushes, to the Crayola crayon colors of the cute little houses, my swimsuit seemed to be a perfect compliment to the island itself. 

The Aussies at Arnhem know how make to the perfect pieces for an island getaway and were the cherry on top to my dreamy trip to Santorini. 

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