Music by Tezza December Playlist

Happy December everyone! I don't understand how it came so fast. I went back and forth forever trying to decided if I should create a playlist full of Christmas songs or just stick to the normal gig... After deciding that possibly everyone is probably listening to the same Christmas music all day every day I went against it. But if upon request you would like a fun little Christmas playlist let me know and I will happily whip it up.
This playlist is chalk full of many new favorites. From some really mellow blues to electronic remixes I tried to get it all in. I have been trying to discover some new artists as of recent and have been really vibing on Kevin Morby ( his recent album is just a chill good kick back time ) as well as Allan Rayman, the dude can make a funky tune. Some of these might sound iffy at first and you are going to be itching to hit that skip button, but try and give them a chance. 
As a fellow musician I recently realized how quick I am to skip, to not even give a song the chance to sink in. So I have been really trying to see the art in the song and get to know the artist and what they have to say.
Also a new feature I recently discovered on Spotify is called Behind the Lyrics by Genius. It has been out for a while so pardon me showing up late to the game but it will share the lyrics of the song and tell you why and what the artist wrote the song about, really legit. 
Hope everyone is decorating and making cookies and drinking hot chocolate and throwing snowballs and cuddling up by the fire and thinking of gifts for their friends and hanging stockings and throwing parties with your homies and loving life and yeah. The End. 
Happy Listening. 


ps. If you are new to the playlist game, each month the playlist is updated but I copy and paste the last months playlist to another list incase you want to revisit it. But just subscribe to this one and it will automatically update every month... if you want :)

December Playlist

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