My guide to a good sleep

People people people, what on earth are we doing skimping out on mattresses and sheets and all the goods that give us a good nights rest? You do realize we spend 1/3 or our lives sleeping right? Ok, well if you didn't, and your jaw is literally on the floor with drool spilling over you are not alone, you are just like me.
The ol' hubs and I, who are actually very young, (on the whole adult scale of being married and what not) have found ourselves with hellish back pain and quite some nights of uncomfortable sleep. Not to mention my man is on the hairier side of the hairy men and tends to get really toasty at night/ all the time which intern means I have to sleep with full blast air conditioning, windows open, and light covers. But that's what marriage is about right, the sacrifice? Well not anymore. . .
I have what I like to call the game changer, unfortunately I didn't invent this but I did sleep on it and man on man am I in heaven. Helix mattress you know the drill they come straight to your door in a box and boom you have a cloud that will send you straight to heaven right in your apartment. 
I haven't even gotten to the good part, you can CUSTOMIZE  it people. Yes you heard me, CUSTOMIZE! I am talking if your husband, your homie, your partner, your BF tends to be hairy or more on the toasty side well you can get cooling coils. Like what, are we in the future? I think so! 

Not only that, you take a test online and figure out what works bets for you and what your needs are. 
Not a joke people the back pain is going away, and I sleep like a little kid who has been at the playground from 9-5 had a keg of sugar and and tried to beat his best friend to the other side of the park 3 times in row.

Just when you thought you were done with me I am coming at you with what will take this baby to the next level, your bedding. Ever since I was a little girl and watched the movie Uptown Girls I have been dreaming to know what 'Sheets Of Egyptian Cotton' feel like'. Well guess what, Cozy Earth Sheets are softer and even better than egyptian cotton soooooooo.. Uptown Girl dreams coming true right about now. And I am not joking if you don't believe me come over to my apartment I will let you crawl in and give it a feel. Jk, that's creepy but just trust me. I have actually never owned nice sheets in my life, and now I will never go back. Also Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets are eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic and has been dubbed as the 'cleanest' bedding in the world. 
lets get cozy

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Pajamas by: Dawson+Hellmann
Mattress: Helix