National Fragrance Day with a Votivo Giveaway

Well my friends it is National Fragrance day and I wanted to do something special on this day because I have chosen a smell that means so much to me. I teamed up with Votivo because first of all their products are just yum and gorgeous but second they have one of my favorite smells of all time, Rush of Rose. 

I love when I smell something and I am automatically consumed in a memory just by recognizing the scent. Everyone has heard the phrase, 'Stop and smell the roses', This is something that I take quite seriously. Not only is it a reminder to yes stop and smell the memory of Spring and to take the time to enjoy the moment you are in but it is a reminder to me of my sweet little sister Sophie Rose.
 We often called her 'Rose or Roses'. She was a bright eyed blonde, long legged 17 year old who brought love and warmth into every room and never forgot to stop and enjoy every moment she was in. She saw everything as beautiful and took the time to make the world a better place. My sweet sister passed away coming up on 7 years ago this year. I can hardly even believe that as I sit here typing it. I feel lucky to have so many things to remember her by. We use to sing in a band together, I have our music and her soul. But my mom and I both have found ourselves constantly keeping this smell around us. In our homes, in our bags we carry her memory with us everywhere we go to remind us to be like her, to stop and smell the roses and to make the world a more beautiful place. 

I would love to help you guys celebrate this day with me by entering a GIVEAWAY for two winners to choose their choice of candle. 
All you have to do is head to my instagram 
1. Follow me @tezzamb and @votivo
2. tag two friends in the comment below. 

Also would love give you guys a code valid just for today. 
15% off your entire purchase. 

In loving memory of Sophie Rose Barton

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