NYC apartment - Flowers and Pizza

It's that time again . . . a cloudy day in the city and all I want to do is make art and eat pizza, who is with me? I sometimes miss living in Utah, having my art studio near by with all my supplies on hand. I don't get to paint much out here due to the lack of space. The second we changed our bedding to this watercolor flower duvet from Urban all I could think about was painting! They seriously have some of my favorite home stuff from bedding to fun lighting it's a 10/10.

We have just come back form a bunch of summer travels and it feels so good to be in the city. I have to say, the pizza was amazing in Italy, but can you really beat a dollar slice from NYC? haha very debatable. We are kicking off the fall with trying to cut out carbs and sugar for a bit. . . right after we eat this very large pizza haha( I think we over did it a bit on our travels). I always find it so hard to stick to a routine especially when you are on the go or with other people and you don't want to be the annoying one trying to find something specific to eat. Don't get me wrong, pizza, pasta, and gelato, I wasn't mad. 

I don't know what it is about changing up our apartment so often that makes me happy but it is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love feeling like my space is new and refreshing. Especially when our space is so small, it's really easy to mix it up with a few simple changes. 

Are we all ready for Fall? I am already having summer FOMO and I am not sure how to deal haha. 


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