Oahu, Hawaii Travel Guide

A few weeks ago I got a call from my best friend saying " Sooooo, Hawaii, Spring Break, you in?" I of course laughed because well I am far too old for a spring break haha but this is her final year of law school AKA her last spring break of all time and well I wasn't going to miss it. So off we went on a spontaneous best friend trip to Hawaii. I have been to Hawaii many times growing up but always spent time in Kauai. This trip we stayed in beautiful Ohau which was just BEYOND! It was so much fun to mix it up and see a different island. Of course we spent our late nights researching the best hikes, acai bowls, and most epic views we could find on the island. I figured I would save you a little time and give you quick little guide below if you find yourself heading to Oahu, or perhaps to inspire you to plan a trip. 
We stayed in a little beach shack literally right on the beach that my friend MVS found on Home Away. I highly recommend doing this. We had beach chairs at out place, bikes, pots, pans and blenders for cooking, outdoor showers... all the fixings for a good time. We also lucked out and our place was basically right across the street from all of the food trucks which was convenient for obviously the constant occasion of wanting to grab some food and or a snow cone ya know! 
Next up is food, and we will start with homage because let me just say, there are many fruit stands along the sides of the road where you must stop! They are full of so many fresh fruits and coconuts and even, fried bananas which wow so good! There are cute little old women working the stands and they are so excited when people stop by. We got some goods and went home to make my favorite treats of all time papaya with banana and a whole lotta lime. Trust me if papaya has ever scared you like it once did me, give this a try! We also grabbed some of that frozen acai and the market and whipped up some home made acid bowls. These were delicious obvi but unfortunately our did not compare to Haleiwa Bowls. Quite possibly some of the best acai I have ever had. They are now just a moving truck so be sure to check their instagram to find where they parked. 

We stayed near the Bonzi pipeline in Oahu and occasionally would venture down into Waikiki where we found some of the prettiest food I have ever seen including this rainbow lilac latte that I am still dreaming about. And if you have heard of Leonard's Bakery and their insanely mouth melting donuts the myth is true they are better than you have heard. 
Sunrise Shack for bullet proof coconut coffee and papaya bowls. 
Stop for ice cream at Kailua Ice Cream
Now lets talk adventure. 
There isn't much effort here as every corner is full of a different jungle or a new beach. But if there is one hike you do I highly recommend hitting up Maunawili waterfall hike. We did this very unplanned in probably the worst shoes ever while it was raining and this sun was going down. I don't recommend this because it was very muddy and slippery getting up there and the trail isn't the most clear thing on the planet. . . aka a few times I thought we were going to be sleeping in the jungle that night. But it is so much fun and so beautiful. Once you get to the top of the falls to the left of the waterfall is a trail and if it hadn't been raining we would have gone up the rocks but they were too slippery. Up there is another even prettier waterfall that no one goes to! 
I can't tell you where this swing was specifically or where the ladder going up the palm tree is because we just found these things driving along the bonzai pipeline as there are millions of swings along the side of the beach. You shouldn't have a problem finding one! 
There are pretty much endless trees to climb which for some reason always sounds like a good idea to me.
Find the Makapu‘u Tidepools Which are really easy to access and just a walk down from the side of the road. 
Start the morning off with a and I mean it when I say very mild hike to the Pillbox that overlooks Lanikai beach. It's pretty steep all uphill and then downhill but it's so short and worth it, Such pretty views and you can immediately after drive down find a place to park and hit the prettiest beach there is, Lanikai beach.