Pajama Jammin'

When I heard that a new trend was emerging that involved wearing pajamas in the day time I instantly thought of the phrase, " I woke up like this". I am sure some of you are reading this and you don't believe me, but go ahead test me, type into google 'pajama trend 2016' and see what comes up. I am as shocked as you are, but hey I am not arguing it. In my hunt to find some swaggy pj's I came across J.crew's amazing printed sets for what are known as Drakes. Honestly I haven't shopped at J crew since I was 14 and had to buy khaki pants for my school uniform, I had no idea they were making stuff this cool! Now don't get me wrong this is going to be my first set of many, most of the people I have seen rocking this trend are wearing a silky blue or black, TALK ABOUT CLASSY. I of course had to pick the most absurd print that as I like to say " it's so ugly it's cool ya know?" My husband always calls me out on this. But come on you know what I am talking about? It's like the whole style where people wear old grandma sweaters and baggy skirts, obviously it's ugly but because you're wearing it and making it you, it's rad? Now I am ranting on. 
One of my other favorite trends of the moment is old Grandpa shoes, loafers ya know menswear type.  I am the person that wears boots all year round with everything, so this is a jump even for me. But I am liking it. I think my grandpa would be proud.

Anyway Happy Pajama Party!