Red with a side of Red and a sprinkle of a little more Red

This cute man waited for 5 minutes watching Cole and me shoot and then had his friend wheel him in for a photo haha it was really cute. 
It's 90 degrees so I am feeling reeeed hot today! Really excited for it to start feeling like summer. I teamed up with DSW shoes for their newest campaign #MarchOn bringing you my favorite new heels that I will probably rock all summer long. It's odd because usually with a shoe this bright you think, I will probably only where is a few times, but I found myself constantly pulling it out and saying to myself 'wow, it just makes every outfit better.' 
This year is my year of red, it just seems to show up in every photo and every outfit. It's definitely not on purpose, I didn't even know I was a red person. But I like it, it stands out, makes me feel confident and different.

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