Santorini has been on my list ever since I saw Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants. I mean what girl hasn't dreamed of going there, falling in love with a "tall dark and handsome", and riding a donkey down to the sea. Lucky me, I got to go there on my honeymoon, talk about pure romance. I will try and keep my post short and sweet, though there is so much I want to tell you! Lets start off with . . .

It's hard to go wrong. The entire island is packed with the most amazing little cave homes & hotels dug into the side of the cliffs. We were very tempted to stay in one of the many charismatic Airbnb's on the island, but ended up splurging a bit and stayed in literally the world's most breathtaking hotel: Andronis Boutique Hotel. The staff was unbelievable, I wish I could have packed them in my suitcase. From leaving us little notes to unpacking my suitcase into the walk-in closet, they made us feel right at home. My absolute favorite part of the hotel was the breakfast. We had the world's best feta omelet prepared fresh every morning overlooking the famous Caldera. It felt like a dream.
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The balcony from our room - talk about prime ray catching! 
Our cave room
Dinner at Andronis Boutique Hotel

You will be tempted to eat along the main paths of Santorini with all of the other tourists, but be warned, these are TRAPS! We did some major research and a little exploration and discovered the most quaint, candle lit restaurants hidden in the secluded cobble stone alley ways. 

 Island's BEST Gelato - don't waste your time anywhere else. 
Pitogyros: Gyros in Oia - cheap and delicious
Ammoudi Fish Tavern: Unbelievable seaside setting
Other favorites . . .
Fino: cocktail bar, beautiful restaurant, romantic setting

Karma: romantic, secluded outdoor seating

Passagio: bar, greek yogurt, cafe

Melitini: Greek tapas, awesome rooftop, sunset views


This is where the fun comes in. If there is one thing I can recommend it's to rent a vehicle. There are rental shops on every corner, you can find everything from vespas and four wheelers, to razors and convertible smart cars. The island is small, you can get from one side to the other in 45 minutes. A car allows you to visit all the beaches, small hidden towns, vineyards, and lookouts. Santorini is mostly made up of two hubs: Fira & Oia.

- Oia -
No question this is the best part of the island to stay. It is known for it's sunsets, shopping, hotels, and boat rides. We found it to have the most romantic and relaxing vibe . . . obviously perfect for a honeymoon! 
#1 thing to do - go on a sailing expedition 
 - Fira -
 We loved exploring the winding alleys of Fira. There are countless shops and restaurants to get lost in and the streets are brought to life with musicians on every corner. It doesn't take too much effort to stumble upon a delicious macaroon ice cream sandwich or a piping hot potato spiral on a stick. It is also known for its booming nightlife. If you are looking for a cool late night hang, this is your place. 
 Our favorite beaches were Perissa and Kamari. Lots of good eats, umbrella chairs and black sand. 
 Hike to Skaros Rock
-Getting around- 
We did both Razor & Smart Car, and are now hooked. . . Yes all 6 feet of me became obsessed with little cars, I think everyone should have one! 
Our car did break down at one point! - eek - Thankful for cell phones! 

- What to Bring - 
So here it is . . . from cameras to clothing I am telling you all of my secrets! The number one question people ask me about my travels, "how do you two get so many pictures together?" 

1. We have become masters of the self timer on the iPhone! Find a good place to lean it, 1...2...3 BOOM! You got yourself a picture!
2. I have a cheap, light weight travel tripod that I like to bring with a wireless remote
3. If you are feeling brave, set the shot up yourself and have it ready for a passing stranger. (this can be hit and miss, people for some reason don't know how to aim straight lol ) 
4. Cameras we travel with: FujiFilm X100T, Canon 5D, iPhone, & a disposable. 

As for attire you will need sunglasses, lots of swimsuits, linens, sandals, sun hats, and a backpack! It was luckily never hotter than 85 degrees with a nice sea breeze. The nights do get a tad chilly so be sure to bring a light jacket. 

Hope this is helpful! 
And yes I highly recommend it,