Spring Shoe Trends

When it comes to shoes.. I am like a little kid in a candy store, I want it all, in every color. But how can one resist when they are all so beautiful and make every outfit just that much better? If there is one thing that really makes an outfit it's the shoe. Are you a girly girl but like to play it down by rocking a dress with sneakers? Do you love a pop of color to make a statement? Are you down to try a new trend even tho it's maybe the ugly cool look? I am going to go over a few of my favorite spring shoe trends below that get me so excited to put together outfits everyday.

First things first, the dad shoe. This started trickling in last year with brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton jumping in and making a movement. Some people, like my mom, find this trend probably repulsive, while people like me on the other hand find it ridiculously cool and want one in every pair. I think the ugly dad sneaker is the hot trend right now, but I'm always down to rock more basic sneakers with any look as it has become widely accepted and chic. I have been loving Adidas for as long as I can remember, but especially as of late I love their pastel tones. It's the type of shoe that really does work for almost every occasion (besides clubbing), unless you are that daring then hey ... EVEN MORE PROPS TO YA.

Next trend I want to discuss would be socks with heels or sandals. I AM OBSESSED. This is a throwback for me. I remember when I was first getting into fashion I was mesmerized by socks and heels in all the magazines. Watching a trend resurface is a bit challenging as you realize how fast the time as gone and that yes, you are GETTING OLDER! But it's also so beautiful to watch fashion move, grow, change and repeat.

My last and favorite trend would be the kitten heel. I don't know if there is a more flattering shoe for a woman. Not only does it go with most every look, but it adds a simple elegance to just about anything. You could rock a track pant or a mini skirt and your look is automatically street style worthy.

Shop some favorite below from DSW:

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