Sundaes & Cones

It's Saturday and the sun is out and NYC is nothing but amazing today. I have been running around in shoes that are way too small all day trying to figure out outfits for some amazing events I have coming next week. I have something new and exciting coming and I really hope I can tell you about it soon. 
We just got back to our little apartment in which my brother Chas has been staying with us for the past few days. And we are all sitting around playing some guitar and singing some tunes. Next stop, comedy club. If you come to NY I highly recommend hitting up the Comedy Cellar it's a solid time and a goooooood laugh, and really that's all I want on this fine day. 

Lately all I can seem to put on is white with white and more white and then like a million pops of red.  Lets talk about these glasses CRAP!!!!  NO but really the brand name is Crap and they make some of the sickest shades. I took the pleasure to attach my latest favorite white dresses below because as I said for some reason It's all that is on my mind. Thank you Urban Outfitters for always carrying some of my favorite dresses on da planet, always affordable and comfy vibessss. 
Peace Out, Happy Weekend. xo

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