Sweater Weather

It's Fall. I think every year since I have been alive and every year for the rest of my life I will hear everyone talk about how much they love Fall and how it's their favorite season. I guess it's hard to deny how much fun bundling up in your favorite sweaters and spending way too much money on pumpkin lattes is! I for one can't deny it and don't want to. Everything in Fall just seems better. Last year I found myself stealing all of my husbands sweaters! They were oversized and hung off the shoulder and just seemed so much cozier than mine haha. I was really excited to find some of the most perfect sweaters at Express this year. I love when a brand makes your favorite sweater in 6 different colors. They get you hooked and then you can't justify not having one for every day of the week! (LOL) Ok, yes I am exaggerating, but it's hard to resist. 

For any of you who have followed my style for some time, you know the spectrum goes from crazy girl dressing up like a 80's grandma to simple jeans and T-shirt in the mountains and everything in-between. There are no rules in fashion and I think that's what I love about it most. I am kind of a color freak when it comes to putting together looks. Something about it just gets me every time. But as I was putting together these outfits I wanted just something that blended in, wasn't trying too hard, just natural vibes that could work everyday. Ps. For those of you out there who have extremely long legs, like myself, I would have never guessed but Express knows what’s up and I am now the proud owner of my two favorite pairs of jeans.
Head into an Express store to try on some denim and cozy sweaters and use code (2012) to receive $25 off your in-store purchase of $100+ - now thru 11/15!" Terms and conditions apply