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Paradise in Mexico

Mexico was just what we needed last week! We were traveling around with our Australian friends from Little Tienda shooting their new look book for next season and had an absolute blast. It was very hot, very sticky but full of amazing clothes, fantastic locations, the yummiest food and lots of sun! These are just some behind the scenes photos, I can't wait to share with you the other million...

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Bagel In Brooklyn

Ok so if you are on instagram you have probably been seeing rainbows! Not actual rainbows, bagel rainbows. As soon as I found out where I could eat a rainbow I went straight to it. The hubs and I jumped on the subway this morning to find ourselves in Brooklyn at a little bagel shop with homemade cream cheeses from funfetti to bacon flavored and bagels from pina colada to what my husband got, a...

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Road Trip to Santa Barbara with my best friend

Last weekend my gal Mary and I decided to pack up and hit the road to explore Santa Barbara. We are both lovers of California but had never visited SB so we thought it was time. First stop, The Goodland. Let me first start by saying these pictures do not do it justice. This is may be one of my favorite designed hotels I have been to in a long time. And everyone staying there and working there just...

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