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Lets talk about a perfect morning! My husb and I cooked up to Bloods Lake, my new favorite spot. We didn't plan on getting in the water, but it was calling my name! Luckily I had my SOFIA By ViXsuit which has now hit the top of my list for perfect swimwear. I often find swimsuit material is cheap and can bunch where you don't want it to. It's never as good after it gets wet. But hands down these...

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Santorini has been on my list ever since I saw Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants. I mean what girl hasn't dreamed of going there, falling in love with a "tall dark and handsome", and riding a donkey down to the sea. Lucky me, I got to go there on my honeymoon, talk about pure romance. I will try and keep my post short and sweet, though there is so much I want to tell you! Lets start off with . ....

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Skaros Rock at the Aegean Sean

Coming soon is a post about my amazing trip to the island of Santorini. I want to give you all a guide in case you decide to go, because I did learn the do's and the don'ts. But if you are reading this and thinking about going out to the lovely Greece. . . you must do a little hike to Skaros Rock. When you first look at the hike it seems a bit intimidating, 400 steps, but it is worth it. You get...

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