Tips To Taming Your Man's Hair

There is that moment in a relationship when you realize your man has better hair than you and you consider getting a perm or cutting it short to try and keep up with that thick wavy goodness that you get to put your hands through every day ... or wait is that just me?My husband Cole has got some hair peeps, haha not just on his head but a beard that grows a mila inch a second. We have searched...

Backstage Anna Sui for R+Co at NYFW

So if any of you follow me on insta, you probably saw my overloaded insta story from my behind the scenes take over with R+Co. And if you don't know what I a talking about or what R+Co is... you are missing out. I have never had such a love affair with hair product until I started using R+Co. It was amazing to get to watch all the hair wizards in action. Garren, who you see photographed many times...

By tessa barton on 2016-08-12

I never write about a product unless I have used it and really trust it. I pretty much have the straightest hair on the planet and so I have to use a lot of texturizing spray or shampoo and conditioner that adds volume. I like my hair to look like I haven't done it... so with straight hair it's a little harder to get that messy vibe. I used @AwapuhiWildGingerTexturizing Sea Spray shampoo and...

R+Co Hair products

Ok guys, today I am talking about hair! Most my life I have been pretty care free about what I put in my hair and taking care of it ( I don't recommend this ha). But, as I have gotten older I have really seen the importance and result that comes with a little tender loving for your hair. I discovered R+Co a few months ago purely off of walking past their amazing presentation of bottles and design...

How to Look Like a Firework!

I Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!       L I G H T  it  UP nowPARTY!xoTessa barton

Talking Skin

Oh man, skin skin SKIN! I feel like there are a million ways to take care of your skin, a million different products and what works for one person might not work for someone else, it's a constant guessing game. Growing up I was really lucky, I had really great skin, may be two zits my entire life and then boom i became an adult and got ADULT ACNE! Is that a thing?? I guess so... ugh ... so yippee...

BROWS'in Around

My new favorite accessory for 2015Here I used Bling Brow by Benefit - I think this will end up being my most used and favorite look, a great way to add a little sparkle to dress up an every day look. For the Blue Bang look, I used a combination of things to get my black hair to be fully covered in blue, a combination of a color stick by Sephora mixed with a few different eye shadows to add a matte...

Easy On The Eyes

Eyeko teamed up with Alexa Chung to make 3 easy tools for an every day look.I fell in love instantly, these made my life so much easier, they are small, inexpensive, fabulous for travel and beyond worth it. I will do my best to talk you through the steps following my picture tutorial.Start with the 'Me and My' shadow Liner. This is for an every day smokey eye. It's very easy to use, you can't mess...

Bloke Babes

One of my favorite beauty brands this winter has been overflowing with goodies to keep your skin smooth and delicious year round. From their organic body scrubs to now this sweet mint lip balm, I just can't get enough. I have decided it's perfect for all of my friends and I must share it for Christmas gifts. I want you to know how wonderful it is, use my discount code "tezzamb" to get 10% off all...

Get Scrubbin

If there is one thing I care most about with my skin, it's holding on to its softness. Bloke Body scrub is literally life changing. Not only does it smell like heaven, it truly leaves you with the skin of a baby, making you feel young and fresh. If you ever run into me, promise I won't find it creepy if you ask to cop a feel of my cheeks ;) . . . I'll prove it! 
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