Pink Freak

Salt Lake City - instillation by - Darby Society

Force of Nature

There are people you meet in life, that change everything. If you ever get lucky enough to cross paths with the legendary Tyson French, it will be an unforgettable experience. Go home and write about it in your journal because mark my words, this kid is going places. Thank you to the wonderful Soil and Stem for creating floral masterpieces.  

Lay Your Cards Out

Z O E  L A Z E R S O N  F O R F R E E  P E O P L E 

You & I

YOU & I from tessa barton on Vimeo.Featuring Alexis & Adam

A Curious Thing

Amanda & ZoeTessa Barton Fashion Photography 

. . .flower child. . .

My favorite spring bridal sessionTessa Barton Wedding Photography

a rainy day

CAKE WALKTwo Sisteron a rainy dayTessa Barton Photography

Charcoal Alley X Volcom

Shirley Temple 


Charcoal ally X Volcomroaming the streets of CaliforniaTessa Barton Photography

By tessa barton on 2014-02-02

Porcelain PunksEditorialTessa Bartonmodels: Zoe & Amanda
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