Back Country

Ok hiiii. . .  Lets talk about these pants first of all. . .  Anytime I can get away with wearing something as comfortable as pajamas and walk out of the house looking like I tried hard to put an outfit together I am 100% in. This outfit is from Back Country part of their lifestyle assortments! I am slowly crushing harder and harder on these printed pants wondering if I will ever take them off. Te...

My Favorite City

 For Christmas I gave cole tickets to NYC as well as a stay at our favorite hotel, The Wythe.Let me tell you this hotel is almost so incredible you forget what amazing city sits outside the doors. It is right across the bridge in Brooklyn, a 15 min subway to Soho and it sits right by the water. The food is outragesouly delicious, each room is so unique and charming. The staff is full of young...

Dear Fall

Gathering with friends to share beautiful eats and exchange stories is what seemed to be a perfect welcome to the beginning of fall. I am lucky to have a slew of talented friends who came together to create a beautiful evening in the woods. If you want a cake that tastes as good as it looks you need to get a hold of Tess Comrie owner of Le Loup Cakery If anyone knows how to arrange flowers with...

Whole Food Picnic

Pink blouse - Little Tienda jewelry - vintage collection

Urban Outfitters X Tessa Barton

When it comes to my house, I am all about creating a moment. I need my sanctuary, a place that represents me, what I am all about, a space that allows me to feel creative and energetic. My go-to for home goods is none other than Urban Outfitters. Their apartment section is like a candy store, I literally want everything in it! I was stoked to team up with them on some of my favorite pieces and...

Meet me in the valley featuring Arnhem Clothing

Run skip jump hop, if there is anyone who knows how to keep up with my adventurous self it's the makers of Arnhem Clothing from pattern to color to fit, I adore every single garment they make! 


Lets talk about a perfect morning! My husb and I cooked up to Bloods Lake, my new favorite spot. We didn't plan on getting in the water, but it was calling my name! Luckily I had my SOFIA By ViXsuit which has now hit the top of my list for perfect swimwear. I often find swimsuit material is cheap and can bunch where you don't want it to. It's never as good after it gets wet. But hands down these...

Backyard Party

Mackenzie and I grew up down the street from each other. We have literally been friends since diapers! It's wedding week for this beauty so we got together to have a little bachelorette party in the backyard. The Dishes  JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

Little Tienda in the Mountains

Talk about a view, today we went up Big Cottonwood one of the many canyons surrounding me just begging to be explored. I couldn’t imagine something better to cook around in than my new pieces from Little Tienda. I have gone head over heals for their unique threads. I’ll let the ladies from Little Tienda speak for themselves:  " Our pieces bring a unique story and rhythm from Mexico - the vibrancy,...

Skaros Rock at the Aegean Sean

Coming soon is a post about my amazing trip to the island of Santorini. I want to give you all a guide in case you decide to go, because I did learn the do's and the don'ts. But if you are reading this and thinking about going out to the lovely Greece. . . you must do a little hike to Skaros Rock. When you first look at the hike it seems a bit intimidating, 400 steps, but it is worth it. You get...

- Luna Lune - MUSIC FRONT

Here is a lil clip to show you what is coming at you soon. A project I have been working on for sometime! Can't wait to share it with you, meeeeeeeeeeeeeep!                                                                  
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