Governors Ball x Nike Cortez

It's officially June which means, Festival Time! I have been now to Coachella, Bonnaroo and most recently Gov Ball. I am such a fan of music festivals, I think people complain how they are too overrated, dirty and yada yada but come on people, it's AMAZING. So many people going die hard for music and sharing it together. Not to mention it's insane what you pay to see all your favorite bans in a...

Popping Pink with a new Playlist

This month I am coming at you with probably my favorite playlistyet. I have stumbled into some new artists this year that have me excited about music again. If you are really into the music scene I highly recommend a new series I have been watching called Sound Breaking. It's a show on Hulu all about music and recording, producing, artists, writing, all the goods and just packed full of cool...

Valentines Love a new Playlist for You!

Woke up to my love as I do every day and couldn't wait for the day to begin. For all the Valentines haters, I get it, I have been there too, even if you have someone to love and you think it's cheesy or ridiculous I have decided it's amazing to celebrate love, of all kinds between anyone and for anyone or anything! This year I have made an extra effort to focus on spreading love because it's...

Music by Tezza December Playlist

Happy December everyone! I don't understand how it came so fast. I went back and forth forever trying to decided if I should create a playlist full of Christmas songs or just stick to the normal gig... After deciding that possibly everyone is probably listening to the same Christmas music all day every day I went against it. But if upon request you would like a fun little Christmas playlist let me...

Music By Tezza November

Hey hey, another playlist for you guys. I made the decision to always update the playlist rather than start a brand new one each month. So that means the one you subscribed to last month will automatically update each month, very similar to the "Discover Weekly" playlist by Spotify. But fear not, I will copy the songs from each month to another playlist titled by the month so you can always go...

About a Band - Music Update and Free Concert

Ok so for those of you who know me, you would know that I have been playing music in a few different bands over the past years. For all my old homies shout out to Luna Lune. My most recent project is under the name of Doe. I joined together with a friend of mine, Mason, from SLC who was in a talented rap group I use to gig with. We slowly started writing together and realized we wanted to share...

Music by Tezza

Hey kids,so today I wanted to start a little something new on the blog. I have been getting a lot of requests for new music on Instagram. Every time I share a little something on my story everyone is dying to know what music is in the background so I figured what better than to start sharing music. I am going to curate a monthly playlistfor you guys. So Cole - my husband - and I are going to start...

- Luna Lune - MUSIC FRONT

Here is a lil clip to show you what is coming at you soon. A project I have been working on for sometime! Can't wait to share it with you, meeeeeeeeeeeeeep!                                                                  
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