window sill dessert

I often find myself feeling trapped in this ice cave of cold weary solemness. I find it so important to always have a little of what I like to call, window sill dessert. Today I am feeling so blessed to have these fluttering roses. I found myself turning up the music and dancing around in room this morning just because they made me feel alive. I long for the days of summer, days I can look skyward...


Camping and hiking with my very best friendscould there be anything better!


Luna Lune is now going to be able to sell merchandise through an app. We are so excited about this, we are hoping it will make it easier for you. From our Elephant T to our gray washed moon sweatshirt we hope you like it. Luna Lune

SO LONG 2013

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A RI decided to put together a little time line of 2013 to look back and see my favorite moments of the year. I have to say, one thing I love about being a photographer is that I always have captured memories to look back on. I get to see moments I forgot existed, they live on. I wanted to thank everyone for always supporting my art and letting me share it with you. It often...

By tessa barton on 2013-09-03

C  A  L  I  F  O  R  N  I  A a  little  bit  of  summersometimes your grandparents are 83 years old, and have their 60th wedding anniversary and so your whole family goes to california for a good ol time. 

By tessa barton on 2013-08-11

s i s t a r s I knew that wherever I would go, no matter how far away, you would be right there with me.  Every time I laughed or looked in the mirror, picked out my shoes, went on a late night cruz, made a snack, pinned back my hair, curled into bed, though of a bed time story,hummed a melody , you were may be doing the same. Because you are a part of me, you're my other half, and our souls are...

By tessa barton on 2013-06-07

 N  Y  Cn e w  y o r k  c i t ya couple of kids. good times. good eats. good trips

By tessa barton on 2013-05-08

B i r t h d a y  B a s h. . . . . . . . . .sometimes you get old so you have to celebrate and remember that life is better if you never grow up... dinosaurs, cakes, cones, Piñatas, sparklers, best friends, and stuff special thanks so MVS & Lil J <3

By tessa barton on 2013-04-11

Looking BackD i a m o n d  s e aBehind the scenes
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