The story of a girl and her hair

From crazy long hippie hair to a short classic cut with bangs, my hair has been a never ending journey of defining my style and personality. My entire life my hair was pretty much the same, from long to really long and nowhere in-between. I had this dream of pulling off the classic 70’s girl fringe bangs for over 2 years and it took a lot of guts to finally walk in and pull the trigger. It was exhilarating, a big change, and something I am proud of myself for doing.

As anyone would tell you when you are about to cut bangs, they are a commitment. You never want to believe it but when it happens to you, you realize it’s true. It takes a certain kind of hair to pull them off! I would say mine looked good 1/10 times. I just wasn’t used to styling my hair in such a precise way. I was more of the roll out of bed, spray a bunch of stuff, rock n’ roll kind of vibes. So this 8 month bang journey of mine was a love/hate relationship. It changed the way my clothes looked, what people thought about me, and how my day to day went. If there is one thing I can say . . . CHANGE IS GOOD! It was a time to learn and look back on, and guess what, change is not permanent. Our hair is this cool thing that is always growing and changing and learning. And we get to choose how to use it and style it, and that is actually pretty rad.

My bang journey ended after one pretty bad hair cut. I decided, ya know what, I am OUT, going back to regular ol’ me! The coolest thing was realizing as my hair started to grow and change, I stumbled into my dream cut. The bangs started to grow below my eye line and frame my face.  My love for the 70’s girl grew as my hair started to kind of do this Farrah Fawcett thing! I would have never arrived at this hairstyle if I hadn't given the bangs a go!

Step outside of your comfort zone, try something that scares you and do it for you, don’t listen to anyone else. This is no new news, I know you have heard it before, but really you have to live this motto to feel it! It pushed me to try other things in my life, to feel the fear and do it anyway. Life is too short to not take risks. Be yourself, test yourself, push yourself, let yourself grow!

Dear bangs, I don’t hate you, I’m just better off without you for now. Thank you for this journey, maybe we will meet again
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