Things to do in Geneva Switzerland

Geneva, Geneva, Geneva .. oh where to even begin! From the second we arrived I was instantly charmed by this beautiful city. We stayed in the Hotel President Wilson, perfectly situated right on Lac Leman with an insane view of Mont Blanc. One of the coolest things about staying here, and Geneva in general, were the water taxis. They have these super cute little boats that pick you up and take you from one end of the lake to the other. We could get from our hotel to the heart of Geneva in 5 minutes! Downtown Geneva is just amazing. It is clean and beautiful, and filled with some of the nicest most stylish people around. It’s so easy to get to and from the old and new parts of the city. One second you are walking down a modern street lined with designer stores and new restaurants, and the next you are wandering through side streets with 15th century buildings and the most charming restaurants, pubs, and boutiques you’ve ever seen. I could have been lost wandering all day. 

Not only is the city the perfect combination of the old and the new, the chic and the charming, but it is also surrounded by the most gorgeous natural scenery. Lac Leman itself is beautiful, and it is lined with some of the most perfect parks ever. One night we had a picnic in the most serene, green, park with a clear view of Lac Leman. It was ideal and unforgettable. And when we were feeling a little adventurous, we did a river rafting trip starting up a stunning mountain river, and ending right down through the middle of Geneva. The water was freezing and our raft got in way too many losing battles with another raft full of crazy French kids, but it was an absolute blast and would definitely do it again. 

Getting between cosmopolitan Geneva and the idyllic countryside is too easy. One day, we rented electric bikes to take to some rolling hills filled with sunflowers, grape vines, and ancient cottages. But hold up, I just need to take a minute and say electric bikes are the greatest invention of all time! I was cruising up a giant hill with no effort in seconds flat. I honestly felt like I was floating, not riding a bike. Highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Back to the sunflowers .. they were insane! Just fields as far as the eye can see with thousands of sunflowers .. which happen to be my favorite flower ever. I just could not get enough. 
Everything about Geneva was a beautiful dream. The food ranges from traditional Swiss to Japanese fusion, and everything is delicious. Modern, city-center, Geneva is so clean and so perfect with some of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever seen and every shopping option you could dream of. For your old, charming, European fix, it’s so easy to carouse the streets until you end up in front of some ancient church surrounded by traditional Swiss restaurants and bars. From there, in no time at all, you can hop on a boat and fish or explore some gorgeous lakeside town. Did I mention you can travel to France from the lake? Yeah that’s right, the lake splits Switzerland and France so you can easily bounce between two countries with ease! I loved everything about Geneva and would go back in a heartbeat. It is a must-visit city if you are ever swinging through Switzerland! Now where can I get some Swiss fondue in NYC ..

Oh and PS. You must take a little day trip on a boat over to France we visited a little town called Yvoire, Rhone-Alpes, France and it's about as cute as anything you could ever dream up.

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