Tips To Taming Your Man's Hair

There is that moment in a relationship when you realize your man has better hair than you and you consider getting a perm or cutting it short to try and keep up with that thick wavy goodness that you get to put your hands through every day ... or wait is that just me?

My husband Cole has got some hair peeps, haha not just on his head but a beard that grows a mila inch a second. We have searched high and low for the right products to tame the beast and really let it do it's thing organically, without taking away from what is there naturally. We recently discovered V76. Now just go ahead a do yourselves a favor and click that link because you will be transferred over to a site full of beautiful men, with beautiful hair as well as a photo of the creator, Vaughn himself who is well very handsome..even my husband agrees. The entire idea is an effortless, uncomplicated approach. 

And ladies, don't be afraid to give your man hair tips. A lot of men have an amazing head of hair but just don't know it. Be in control and stop them from getting that Great Clips cut and show them what real grooming is all about. Oh, and for all my ladies with men that have beards, this beard oil smells amazing and you will want to eat your man's face off. So buckle up.

Peace, love and Pumpkins.
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