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The one thing we put on every day but probably haven't taken much time to think about what it's really doing, how it looks, how it makes you feel and if you could be in a better one... the BRA. I find it oddly astonishing that I myself have had a favorite bra that I have been wearing for 4 years that was once a nude bra and now.. I'm not so sure. This bothers me for many reasons one being that I hate the way I look and feel in this bra and no it's not always for anyone to see, but there is nothing wrong with wearing something that makes you feel confident or sexy and even beyond that comfortable. 

I recently decided to branch out and find a bra that fits. I discovered Third love which is a platform built for the modern woman, not only do they help you find a bra that fits your size but a bra that fits your shape. You can simply go online and take a test based off you past bra history and find something that is perfect for you. I'm talking they even have a half cup size... we are talking the PERFECT FIT. 


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