Who Inspires Your Style?

If it has sparkles and lots of color put my name on it! The other day I was thinking about my style and my fashion inspiration. It is all over the board from Sequins to glam, hippie to chic, black to black, I don't think it makes any sense. 

I was trying to think where and what made me even care about style to begin with. After racking my brain it hit me, my grandma, Patricia Googe. She was over 6ft. tall, loud and inviting personality, she lived for theatre and music, sequins and linens. She was a 70's queen in her day, no doubt the most beautiful gal on the block. She and my grandpa met when he walked into church one day and saw her playing the piano. He was love struck and walked right up to her and the rest was history. They are both from deep in the South of Georgia and as charming as it gets. 

I remember growing up and wearing her sequin shirts and giant clip on earrings. 
We use to have these silly event every year when I was a kid. Up at our cabin in Bear Lake all of the cousins would gather to put on our new outfits. My grandma every year would slave away making us all matching dresses and shirts for the boys. I am talking American flag prints for 4th of July, Yellow daisy from head to toe, you think of it, she made it. 
She would take us into her room and make sure we got all gussied up in our new clothes. Lipgloss, hairspray, the whole shebang! 
Then all of us had to go stand out on the back deck while our parents oooh'd and awed with video cameras and pictures.  I always remember being so embarrassed. Half of the pictures I didn't even crack a smile, I was kind of a tom boy back then and this just wasn't cool enough. ( LOL ) 

I look back on these events and can't believe they really happened. They were events that really inspired the spiral of my life. 

I, not many years later dreamed of being a fashion designer, moved to Nyc and went to Parsons and FIT. And now I basically play dress up for a living. It's just funny to sit here and think back on what small moments are the biggest in my life.
My grandma as I called her, Patty, is no longer with us today. I just wanted to give her a little shout out of love to one of my biggest inspirations. 

Who inspires you to be who you are?

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