You're so weird, DON'T CHANGE

Todays post is about loving yourself. For some odd reason the world seems to constantly be focusing on how we can improve our look, our dating life, our friends our eating habits. Now don't get me wrong I am all about being the best you can be and working hard on it every day. But lets not forget to celebrate ourselves and what makes us unique. And while there are those people you look at, believe me I do it every day too, and you sit in awe and wonder how they are so perfect and how they seem to have zero flaws, trust me they are looking at other people probably even you, doing the same thing. How much time and energy are we putting toward comparison and want for what we don't have? 
Buckle up because this is going to sound silly but I will never forget when I found a shift in my life for this problem and really started forgetting about what other people thought, I can honestly say I have never been happier....It is what I call tapping. Now there are many types of tapping some people follow it religiously but the best way I can explain it to you so you understand the benefit and idea is as follows.
Start with making it a goal of every morning for an entire week.  The goal is to be tapping out the bad energy and then tapping in the good.
And yes you are going to be speaking to yourself OUT LOUD!
Start by saying things you do not want in your life " Today I don't want to me intimidated, I don't want to feel stressed, I don't want to feel ugly or unsatisfied, I don't want to crave things I don't need.".. and so on.
Then once you have completed tapping out the bad, take a deep breath and tap in the good. 
"I am beautiful, I am inspiring, I am my own person, I love myself, I am going to sell that painting I just did, I am one with the universe, I am going to change someones life today..." Now this should go on for a few minutes if you are doing it right.
And also don't be afraid to repeat that day or the next day when you are doing it again.
Sounds silly but I can't tell you how much this will effect your energy, your mind, your attitude. 
This isn't for everyone, but I can honestly say it makes a big difference for me. It's even fun to do it with your significant other or friends going around a circle saying the things you want! 
As for the actual tapping this is really hard to explain but just choose a pressure point like thumb of right hand to pinky of left, double tap and switch. Or start at the top of you head double tap, down the the forehead, the temples, under the eyes, thumbs and so on. I am sure there are videos. But the bulk of the excersize is in the speaking. And yes do it out loud! 
I hope this makes sense.
The entire point  of me even writing this is that I want everyone to love who they are. I get to many emails about girls who want to change their bodies or who are struggling with self worth and it breaks my heart.  There is nothing more important than figuring out how to love yourself, once you can figure that out the world is yours, and good things will come your way I can promise you that. 
And guess what, we are all different if we were like everyone else well, that would just be boring. 

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