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About 2

Hi everyone!! 🤗

I am so excited to finally share my Lightroom presets with you. Just a little introduction for those of you who don't know ... For about seven years of my life I was a photographer. I spent years learning to use Photoshop, Lightroom, a camera, lighting etc. I wish I could have had something like this back then to help me along in finding a voice through my aesthetic, but it's amazing to look back and see how I have grown and changed. Please note these Presets are for Lightroom on your desktop not for an app on your phone. If you don't have Lightroom, you can download it HERE!

I have made these presets in response to the overwhelming amount of emails and DM's I get about my editing process! I am so so excited to share them with you! Being that this is such a personal and special thing to me I would LOVE to see the results you get with using my presets. I love being a part of a community and seeing true style and art through so many different eyes! Please, if you share on Instagram, I would love for you to use the hashtag #TezzaPresets so I can support you and of course we can all support each other. I think it's amazing to support everyone in their art and on their journey! 

I also want to preface these presets... I have tested them and used them in so many different situations. It's not quite as easy as 1, 2, click, but they are versatile and easy to adjust! Every single time I use my preset I have to adjust it. I never shoot in the same exact light with them same sky and same colors! This shouldn't intimidate you, but rather allow you to learn how to make it look your own after starting with a nice beginning.

A lot of photographers will make big preset packs containing 6 or 7 presets. I opted for making my presets versatile, adaptable, and easy to use! I also like maintaining a consistent aesthetic, and mastering 3 presets has allowed me to really do that. 

Watch my YouTube video HERE to see a quick demo on simple adjustments to make the presets work for you. The presets also come with a pdf guide with my favorite tips and tricks. If you are still stuck and need a little help, please DM me or email me!! I want to make sure you are finding success with my presets. 

These presets are made specifically for shooting in RAW. If you shoot in JPG, and RAW sounds intimidating, it's really not and totally worth it! I would highly encourage you to try making the switch, I don’t think you will regret it.