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Tezza has been a fine art and commercial photographer for over 10 years, and has
expanded into creative direction and production for brands such as TRESemmé, BHLDN, Anthropologie, Retrofête, and Tommy Hilfiger, just to name a few. Tezza has also blended her musical talents and fashion knowledge (in addition to her photography work) to
launch a lifestyle and fashion brand under her name. With a focus on “the art of life”, Tezza’s goal is to provide creative tools for others with products such as her book
InstaStyle, her fully stocked Tezza App, and Lightroom Presets.

Tezza is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, where she lived most of her life and also acquired her taste for travel. She is from a family of artists and entrepreneurs and it was inevitable that she would end up following in the same path. In her college years, she studied art and also wrote music that she performed while touring with her band. Tezza then followed her passion as a photographer, working with different brands and creating content for the next 6 years. After she moved to New York City, she immersed herself in the local fashion and photography industries, where she learned that the content she was creating for brands could be content she was creating for herself and sharing on her social media platforms.

Tezza has become known for her bold use of color in her personal style and in her photography, leading brands to flock to her to tell a beautifully daring and vibrant story.

Her aesthetic has garnered admiration from some of the world’s most coveted brands, resulting in numerous collaborations including Revlon, Mango, Marc Jacobs, Free People, Fujifilm, and Isabel Marant.

After the great success of her photography campaigns, Tezza released a book about the beauty of life through photos and sharing on social media- InstaStyle. Tezza also developed the Tezza app, that assists any lover of photography with presets, simple editing tools, and handy guides to achieve a desired aesthetic in their photography.

Tezza has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, The Daily Front Row, and Jetsetter.com for her style and photography.