Can I use the Tezza Presets on my phone?

If you are interested in the Tezza photo editing experience on your phone, try the Tezza App! Our mobile editing app created endless opportunities to get creative with your photos and videos. Templates, video effects, presets, overlays, and more! 

Tezza Presets purchased on this website will not work on your phone and are not related to the presets found in the mobile application.

Return Policy On Collage Kits + Merch:

We cannot accept returns if the plastic seal on your Kit has been broken. If you have not broken your plastic seal and do need to return, please email zoe@bytezza.com.

iPhone cases are not eligible for returns or exchanges, we apologize!

If you had an issue receiving your kit, please contact us within 5 days of the package being marked "DELIVERED". After 5 days, we are unable to assist you; Please contact the mail service associated with your delivery to file a claim.

How to hang up your Collage Kit.

We highly recommend testing out different types of tape to see what will stick best on your wall texture! We have found that regular scotch tape (not double sided), blue painters tape, and masking tape work best for us! When you’ve found a good tape, roll tape pieces up, stick them to the back of the page, then adhere the page to the wall. 

We do not recommend taping one page to another page. Instead, tape the page directly on the wall to avoid losing the whole collage if one page falls down. Of course you can still layer the prints and overlap, just try to keep the pages anchored to the wall so they aren’t putting too much weight on only a few pieces of tape.

Click HERE for more collage kit FAQS!

Why are the Tezza Presets non-refundable?

Unfortunately Tezza Presets are non-refundable due to redistribution issues, customers who have demanded refunds and then have gone on to resell them. This policy is clearly stated on the product page for each preset variant.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a photo editing application made by Adobe and is the application required to use Tezza Presets. Here is a link to the app:


What should I do if my skin tones appear orange? 

Go to your Oranges in the color section on the right-hand side of Lightroom. You will have to play around with your saturation and luminance a bit until you find the color that is right for your skin tone. 

Here is a screenshot of the control you will need to play with:


What type of camera and lens do you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark IV, a 35mm lens as well as a 16-35mm lens.