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How To


Installing the presets

1. Unzip the “.zip” file you should have received. It will be named after whichever preset package you purchased.

2. Open the unzipped folder. This folder contains your shiny new presets! Any file ending with .lrtemplate is a preset.  

3. Open Lightroom.

4. Select and drag the presets onto the Lightroom application icon in your toolbar. 

5. You will then be prompted to install each Lightroom Preset. Click “Install” for each one. 

6. Once installed, you will find the presets in the User Presets section in Lightroom.

Bada bing, you’re good to go 💃


P.S. These presets are for Lightroom on your Desktop, not for an app on the phone. If you don't have Lightroom you can downlonad it HERE

These presets will look best and are made for RAW photos, not for JPEGs. If you are new to photography and learning I highly recommend shooting in RAW. This will allow you to adjust everything in post and I can't tell you how valuable this is. If it sounds intimidating to you trust me it's no different other than the fact that your file sizes are bigger. You will notice how much easier it is to edit and how much more control you have of your images afterward. 

If you shoot on a Canon Here is an image below of what this looks like. You can easily pull up ANY camera online and search how to change settings to RAW and a million videos/guides will come up! 

Of course the presets will still apply to JPEG images but they will not look like they are supposed to. I am working on a JPEG only preset/ iPhone workshop that we will release next year. But please know if photography is something you want to take seriously RAW images are the way to go :) . . . ok I am done hahah. 

If you have questions we are always here.