The Everythang Power Pack

The Everythang Power Pack

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Disclaimer - the Tezza presets are only to be used in Adobe Lightroom on a computer.

This is it! The big daddy! All 8 presets (4 meant for RAW photos & 4 meant for JPEG photos)!!! The Pack contains the TZ 01 RAW & JPG, TZ 02 RAW & JPG, TZ 03 JPG, TZ 04 RAW, and the CH 01 RAW & JPG. Everything I love, right here, in one easy package to make your photos crack, pop, sizzle and snap. 

This pack will allow you to stay cohesive in your editing, from your DSLR photos to your phone images, you can achieve everything from within these presets. These are all the presets I use on a regular basis to create my aesthetic and feel. 

I hope you love them as much as I do, please remember to share using #TezzaPresets. 

Since the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds.