Collage Kit FAQs

What are the collage kits?

Each kit contains 150 full-page photographs (or 75pgs), taken by Tezza and Cole, printed on high-quality matte paper. Perfect for wall decorations in your dorm, home, office, or event space. A range of landscapes, people, text, and little moments that can be arranged any way you please. We have tried all sorts of designs on our walls- organized by color, light-to-dark, and even formed little groups of images with similar themes. The possibilities are endless and the creativity is all yours!

How long until I receive my order?

We typically fulfill orders within 2 days of ordering and shipping takes 3-5 days depending on where you live.

*Please check the product page before ordering to take note of any shipping delays or announcements!*

COVID UPDATE: Packages will ship 5-6 business days after ordering. International shipping is taking approximately 10-15 business days to arrive due to COVID. Please be sure to check with your local post office for any potential closures that could delay your package.

Shipping international? PLEASE NOTE:

International shipments are typically subject to additional customs/import duties. These are not included in the shipping price and need to be paid in order to receive your package. The shipping cost goes directly to the postal service and the duties go directly to your country of import. We do not collect any payment other than our products :) 

How do you recommend putting up the collage kits?

We highly recommend testing out different types of tape to see what will stick best on your wall texture! We have found that regular scotch tape (not double sided), blue painters tape, and masking tape work best for us! When you’ve found a good tape, roll tape pieces up, stick them to the back of the page, then adhere the page to the wall. 

We do not recommend taping one page to another page. Instead, tape the page directly on the wall to avoid losing the whole collage if one page falls down. Of course you can still layer the prints and overlap, just try to keep the pages anchored to the wall so they aren’t putting too much weight on only a few pieces of tape.

How can I return my kit?

Customers have a 7-day return window, beginning when they receive their kit. We do not accept kits if the inner plastic wrapping has been opened. Please contact to request a return. Return shipping cost is the duty of the customer, we do not provide return labels.

I never received my kit!

If your tracking information shows that the kit has been delivered but you cannot find it, please contact us within 5 days of the DELIVERY DATE. After 5 days, we are unable to assist you and recommend that you contact the mail service who handled your package to file a missing package claim. 

If you have opted-out of Route Package Protection Insurance, is not responsible for missing, lost, stolen, or damaged packages. To receive a replacement kit you will be charged a replacement fee.

If you entered you address incorrectly and therefore do not receive your package, we are unable to send you a new kit or refund your purchase. Please ensure you are entering your information correctly! 

COVID UPDATE: Due to shorter staff and various other postal service delays, we have noticed some carriers are marking the packages as "delivered" 2-3 days before actually delivering. Please let us know, but remain patient as the postal service is working extremely hard to get it all done! :)