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Sophie's Place

Music therapy rooms in children's hospitals across the country.
In loving memory of my sweet sister, Sophie Rose.

My Sister

8 years ago I lost my sweet little sister, Sophie Rose. She was a bright eyed blonde, long legged 17 year old who warmed up every room she entered and never forgot to enjoy every moment she was in. She saw everything as beautiful and took the time to make the world a better place. She taught me to be strong and confident, to write and sing music, to perform, to feel the fear and do it anyway. Losing her is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Because of her beautiful light and everlasting influence, my family and I are so lucky and honored to have started Sophie's Place in her memory.  

Sophie’s Place is a dedicated space for music therapy in children's hospitals across the country. In these beautiful spaces, kids are learning to speak again, walk again, write, record and perform music. The first Sophie’s Place was put in Primary Children’s hospital in SLC, UT, where Sophie used to go sing to the children being treated there. The miracles that occur in these rooms every day are endless, and my sister, Sophie, is living on and fulfilling her dream of changing lives with music.

Music Therapy

We have all felt the profound power music has on our soul and body, but now the research is catching up to actually prove its medical effectiveness. There are countless studies demonstrating the impact music has on healing physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Sophie's Place provides the equipment and atmosphere to children across the country so they can experience these effects first hand. 

Witnessing the power music has on the children that visit these rooms is an unforgettable experience. Sophie's Place inspires confidence and courage, allows for limitless expression, and ultimately provides a unique therapeutic healing process that you simply can't get any other way.

Music Changes Everything.

The Space

Each Sophie's Place has its own distinct vibe and feel and is run by certified music therapists. Sophie's Place has hosted massive music acts, including Imagine Dragons and Linkin Park. The joy and healing that occurs in these rooms is truly special.